Claire Gill

Claire initially trained as a textile designer graduating from the Royal College of Art in 1997. She went on to design knitwear for Alberta Ferretti and Valentino in Italy before setting up Claire Gill Knitwear Design with the backing of the Crafts Council.

She designed and made knitted accessories which sold in boutiques, galleries and department stores, but took a break from textile design when deciding to start a family.

Claire has continued to lecture in Textile Design at Universities in London.

Claire’s current work displayed on this website has moved away from textiles, although it is influenced by many of the things which inspired her previous work.

Claire has always used photography as a way of exploring the world and researching creative projects and is now using it as a more central tool in the development of her work. She now uses the computer to digitally juxtapose and combine the images she takes with one another to create photomontages.

In taking this approach she has managed to combine a love of colour, surface, texture and structure to create poetic images which explore a sense of place and ambiguous spaces and which hopefully tap into a more collective sense of memory.

We sell a range of Claire Gill Wordplay Greeting Cards. Visit our gallery shop or phone us for more details.

Newly commissioned postcards £1 each:







2013 series:

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Margate Series: (1-4)







Wallscapes: (1-12)
wallscape1print wallscape2print wallscape3print wallscape4print wallscape5print wallscape6print wallscape7print wallscape8print wallscape9print wallscape10print wallscape11print wallscape12print
















Seascapes: (1-35)


seascape1print seascape2print seascape3print seascape4print seascape5print seascape6print seascape7print seascape8print seascape9print seascape10print seascape11print seascape12printseascape13print seascape14print seascape15print seascape16print seascape17print seascape18print seascape19print seascape20print seascape21print seascape22print seascape23print seascape24print



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