Creatively Occupied: Michelle Freemantle ceramics

Using a combination of handbuilt, thrown and press mould techniques, Michelle Freemantle creates work that is both visually pleasing and tactile.  Selected twice to take part in workshops in Tokoname, Japan, which has a 900 year history of the production of  pottery and ceramics, her work is infused with the influence of this experience,  mixed with ideas and concepts from time spent studying and later producing work in Finland.

Lines and snippets of poetry, written during her travels, are inscribed into the surface of the pieces, so that each piece is simultaneously an artwork, whilst being used as a vessel to eat from – enriching the mealtime experience.  Each piece has its own character, with its own internal life.

The mix of slips and oxides used in colouring the pieces gives a beautiful presentation to food served and eaten from these ceramic works.

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