Greg Bottle

Greg Bottle has been taking photos since he was a child after his grandfather gave him his rangefinder camera. He first got serious about photography in 1984 when he took up scuba diving as he wanted to show others what he’d seen whilst diving. Photography is a way of life for Greg and he says “i cant imagine life without it”.

 When asked about his approach to and style of photography he says that he works hard to avoid being pigeonholed into just one skill set or style of photography, and describes his approach as being multi-skilled. With his passion for the great outdoors and more adventurous side of life from climbing mountains to diving oceans, photography is a way of expressing his view of this beautiful planet of ours and its magnificent creatures that live on it.

He has a saying – one mans wasteland is another mans landscape – meaning he’ll find a way to shoot and capture the subject and create a beautiful image even if the weather light time of day isn’t perfect “Getting the shot is my biggest obsession – and not much stops me getting it…”

Greg Bottle was chosen to become an Olympus Camera Visionary with numerous photographs used by Olympus in marketing media, lens books and magazines and has received photographic Commissions from many different clients including DOXA Watches, SERCO, Adeccon, System C, Gary Rhodes, Thanet College, Broad Oak BMW, Vines Group, Specialist Cars, TMC, Keel Toys, Vikings Canterbury, Elite Diving.

Another Time 1

Limited Edition Photographic Print

Another Time 2

Limited Edition Photographic Print

Another Time Sunrise

Limited Edition Photographic Print

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