Rhian Winslade: ceramics

Rhian Winslade is a potter based in Windsor Berkshire.
She came to ceramics via an unconventional route, after study, many years of music retail, interior design study & a family she eventually found clay & haven’t looked back.
The pots & bowls are all hand coiled, a slower process that she loves. These items are solid looking tactile shapes made from stoneware grogged clay.  They have a very distinct contrast, the outside of the pots are left free of glaze & textured: the interior smooth & brightly glazed.
Her work includes large sculptural pieces made from a gritty grogged clay which sit alongside quirky porcelain decorations & tiles,  incorporating glass, paper, fabric & stones.
She loves 1950’s textile design & the simplicity of children’s illustrations, drawing inspiration from her allotment which now takes a back seat after falling for clay and the south coast of Wales where she grew up.  She spends far too much time staring out of her workshop window bird watching!
She cannot throw anything away & some of the fabric work contains scraps from her children’s clothes; the glass at the bottom of the the glazed pots is from her mother’s car windscreen collected the day Rhian’s first child was born nearly 18 years ago.

Salt Pots
Each pot is handmade from coils of stoneware clay and are hollow. No mould is used so each pot has a unique shape. The pot is then left to dry naturally before it’s first firing, after the biscuit firing a is glaze added  & small shards of glass placed in the bottom of the pot before firing again to 1260°C. The pot comes boxed with a hand-made fabric coaster & old condiment spoon

salt pot, coaster and spoon


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