Exhibition Part 2

From 31 October 2019
To 17 December 2019

‘New Ventures’

 31 October – 27 November

Artists exhibiting:

Richard Curtis’ artwork is produced in response to seemingly commonplace events and scenes .His preferred methods of working are painting in oils and drawing in pencil and ink.

Louise Nevett uses found imagery which leads to paintings questioning  the social expectations around motherhood and related issues. There are also portraits using the artist’s photos to make paintings and drawings capturing moments of intimacy of friends and family which reframe contemporary life and explore individual identity.

Daryle Tipping “The work I do at present is tinged with nostalgia. To capture this at its best, I work in black and white.”

Charlotte Galt “When I am working I trust to my instinct, thereby what I produce is animated and impelled from within. At all costs I must be true to myself so that, at the end, the outcome is for sure, unique.”

David Mullet “My work is a daily audit of my struggle for self-definition.”


Opening times: Daily 10am – 4pm

Contact David on: 07780766134



10 Contemporary Artists

 28 November – 4 December

 A group exhibition.


Ross Andrews and Darren Lewis

 6 December  – 17 December

Joint exhibition of ocean photography and oil paintings of our amazing coastlines. Through extreme photography Ross pushes himself physically to capture the life and power of the sea and offers a new view of them, unfamiliar to and unseen by many.  He endeavours to bring the sea, the coastline and the sky together from beyond the wave. Darren works in traditional oils capturing the stunning light, colour and luminosity of local coastlines seeking out euphoric skies full of intense colour and vibrancy.  Darren is becoming increasingly known for his depictions of the well documented Margate Harbour sunsets.

Open daily 10am – 6pm

David Mullett

Louise Nevett

Richard Curtis

Charlotte Galt


Ross Andrews

Darren Lewis


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