Current Exhibition

From 18 December 2019
To 15 January 2020

Graham Smith: The Edge Condition

 19 December – 1 January

Graham’s work comes from the ‘edge condition’ of living and working on the shoreline of the enigmatic Isle of Sheppey.

His inspiration is in the introspection of the East and in the local coastline, littered as it is with the abandoned architecture of wars and trade.

He envisages many of his pots as salvaged from the seabed. Using  functional shape and form, only to frame and contain the essence of the work which emerges, from the earth, the sea and the fire.

Every pot, from Raku tea bowls to large stoneware vessels, is unique and hand thrown.


Private View: Saturday 21 December from 3pm

Opening times

Daily 11am – 5pm


Peter Rushton

2 January – 8 January

Peter didn’t set out to be a contemporary artist however over 30 years his portfolio naturally developed from a photographic illustrative style to contemporary oil and acrylics.

His work tends to focus on the ‘rhythm of life’, the relationship between man and woman, the development of cities, people, noise, beauty and the consequences this all has on mother nature.

Peter grew up in Swansea, South Wales and his passion for creativity and his obsession with representing life’s beauty was inspired by his Welsh roots.

After achieving his Masters, he exhibited in London and also became a critic at private shows.  The exposure to various subject concepts and styles of art has played a significant influence in his creative approach today.

Over the last 24 years, he resided in the Middle East where he exhibited at many substantial venues.  During 2014, Peter suffered a devastating stroke that left his painting hand paralyzed, however, after a week or so, he taught himself to paint with his left hand.

Today, he paints again with his right hand and wants to share his creativity that has developed over time and offer something a little different to passionate art collectors.



John Newton

 9 January – 15 January

John studied fine art in the 60’s at Newcastle University where Victor Passmore and Richard Hamilton pioneered the Foundation Course which sought to take art back to basics. He was Head of Art at Roger Manwood School in Sandwich for a number of years until 2004. Since then he has painted regularly, mostly large oil paintings.

“My abstract pictures are decorative but seem to me to describe aspects of my life. The shallow space in them is articulated by stripes, circles, dribbles and large areas of colour” ( John Newton, 2019).


Graham Smith

John Newton

John Newton

Peter Rushton

Peter Rushton

Peter Rushton


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