In Search of Perspicacity

Anthony Giles

From 09 February 2019
To 7 April 2019
Private view 9 February 2019 2 - 5pm

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‘In Search of Perspicacity’

Saturday 9 February  2019 – Sunday 7 April 2019

Beyond all other motivations, Anthony Giles is inspired to create work that connects with its audience. Lombard Street Gallery is delighted to be exhibiting Anthony’s solo show, ‘In Search of Perspicacity’.

The dictionary definition of ‘Perspicacity’ is ‘the quality of having a ready insight into all things’. Through a talented artistic alchemy Anthony achieves exactly this.

‘What is most satisfying for me, is to witness a connection & see stillness descend on the viewer, when they stand in front of one of my seascape paintings’ says Anthony.

‘In Search of Perspicacity’ is a rich collection of engaging oil paintings that transport the viewer so close to the calm tide line, that you can almost smell the sea.


Anthony Giles’ work has always considered the audience at its core. He trained as an Illustrator and Graphic Designer at the London College of Printing and worked for The Lady Magazine, Scalextrix and Hornby after graduating.

It was in 2002, after a serious car accident, that Anthony made the decision to direct his creative energy wholly towards painting. He uses washes, glazes and specialist ‘Michael Hardy’ paints, which he describes as his biggest indulgence ‘Some of the tubes of paint sell for £300’ he explains.

It’s with these paints, brushes and essential palate knife that Anthony layers subtle colours onto smooth gesso board, that he prefers to textured canvas. “I have a studio where I work every day from midday for 4 or 5 hours, it’s concentrated, dedicated work that exerts a lot of mental energy” says Anthony. He does also

work on location, standing on the shoreline, too absorbed in the watery reflections that inspired Turner, to feel the cold. Anthony’s sensitive & natural interpretations of the views that engage him present an almost polar opposite to the raw and edgy Margate art scene that dominates much of the current art media news.

Unsurprisingly it’s Turner that Anthony cites as the artist he would most like to meet. They share a seemingly unending quest to capture and represent light, shown so evocatively in the painting that inspires Anthony most; Turner’s ‘Hannibal Crossing the Alps’. Other inspirations include the work of Fred Cuming, London’s Royal Academy of Arts and the ever changing sunsets he watches daily.

For Anthony there is no other way of being, other than the artist he is today. “There were times when I have struggled and questioned my career entirely. In the early days, all my paints were thrown into the bin, on more than one occasion’ he admits. The enormous success of his work has, thankfully, prevented this doubt from recurring. The piece Anthony would most like to be remembered for is the 40ft painting created along the Margate Harbour Arm on twelve canvases which featured on the BBC news. The painting now hangs in Boys and Maughan solicitors.

Anthony’s talent to portray the calm essence that nature presents so effortlessly increases with every piece he creates. His continues to be one of Lombard Street Gallery’s best selling artists and we are proud to be able to offer visitors and art buyers this unique opportunity to see and buy his latest work.

Anthony Giles

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