In Two Parts: Printmakers Council Exhibition: Part Two

From 24 August 2016
To 11 September 2016

Meet The Artists: Saturday 27 August 2016, 2 to 4pm

In Two Parts brings two new and exciting collections of original prints to Lombard Street Gallery in Margate Old Town. Having had two successful shows in Margate over recent years the Printmakers Council are delighted to return with an exhibition featuring work by 58 of its members. Printmakers Council has no house style, rather embracing all forms of contemporary and traditional printmaking. Their growing membership means that exhibitions are selected from an increasingly wider pool of artists from around the UK and abroad, keeping exhibitions lively and fresh.

While both shows include a wide range of ideas, concerns and techniques, in very general terms Part One tends towards softer and calmer works, while Part Two makes a bolder statement with a predominance of colour and impact. However this is not a hard and fast rule.

Part Two includes highly coloured abstract compositions, seascape linocuts and a menagerie of flora and fauna based works from artichokes to seahorses to felines. This collection also includes a number of works with political, social and art historical references.

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Part Two is an eclectic and exciting mix of work featuring prints by:
Andrea Robinson, Andrew Hambleton, Anthony Millard, Bethany Marett, Colin Gillespie, Corinne Hills, Diane Comte Frost, Elizabeth E. Kellerher, Emma Le Blanc, Euan G Stewart, Francesca Souza, Gavin Iain Campbell, Glynis Porter, Hilary Rosen, Ian Scaife, Janet Milner, Kate Fortune Jones, Matthew Egan, Michael Griffiths, Nicola Styan, Rebecca Denton, Richard Peacock, Ros Morley, Rosa Osborne, Ruth Barrett-Danes, Sally McKay, Shuxiang Jin Farrall, Tessa Holmes and Tom Baggaley.

Comply by Michael Griffiths Original print in an edition of 5

63 x 62cm

Margate Lighthouse by Nicola Styan Original print in an edition of 40

24 x 30cm


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