From 17 May 2013
To 22 June 2013


‘Opposites’ embraces geography and the exploration of fact and fiction in his series of paintings titled ‘City of  Glass’, highlighting  complimentary colour and also the US territory. Ashley is interested in within a painting, the dialogue and tensions between opposites i.e. between freedom and control, the natural and the man-made landscape, the curved and the linear.


About the artist: Ashley Hanson

Press Release: coming soon


Works in Exhibition:

'Charlestown 3' 'Penzance 12' 59 x 42 cms 2011 'Penzance 2'  2010-11   150x120cms 'Padstow 4' 45x60cms City of Glass 4- (Hope Falls, NY....hope falls...) ' 100x70cms 'Charlestown 7' 'Charlestown 1' 'Cape Cod' 80x60cms 'New England' 'Penzance 9'  30x40cms  2011 'Penzance 8'  2011  40x50cms oil on canvas 'England' 50x40cms 'City of Glass 5-(Truthville, NY)' 100x70cms 'Penzance 3'  2010  oil on canvas 60x50cms


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