Turn, Turn, Turn………..

From 25 May 2012
To 10 June 2012

A diverse exhibition of contemporary prints by members of the Printmakers

The Printmakers Council promotes artist printmaking through innovative contemporary print exhibitions and associated educational events and projects. It has always had an ambitious and creative programme throughout its 47 year history, managed by a changing team of printmakers.

This exhibition will showcase work by around 40 members, covering an extensive range of processes and a wide breadth of subject matter.


About the Printmakers Council:

Beginning in 1965 when a group of artists including Julian Trevelyan, Michael Rothenstein, Anthony Gross, Stanley Jones and Agatha Sorel saw the need for a society that would promote new developments within printmaking and formed the Printmakers Council. Since then it has consistently promoted the place of printmaking in the visual arts.

In recent years, the Printmakers Council has organized exhibitions in London at the Barbican Concourse Gallery, The National Theatre, The Mall Galleries and the Natural History Museum and throughout the United Kingdom, for example in Scarborough, Rye, Newcastle, Stockport, Weymouth, Chatham. Internationally there have been exhibitions in Paris and exchanges with Landau, Germany and the Printmakers of Western Australia.


Exhibiting Artists:

Margaret Ashman, Pauline Bradley, Steve Asquith, Phil Cosgrove, Jacki Baxter, Fiona Fernhead, Eleanor Havsteen-Franklin, Colin Gillespie, Anne Gournay, Clare Grossman, Andrew D Hambleton, Pamela Hare, Victoria Hawkins, Tessa Holmes, Mark Hudson, Michael Kennedy, Gail Mallatratt, Eileen Martin, Ros Morley, Elizabeth Kelleher, Marianne Nix, Rosa Osborne, Bronwen Paterson, Ben Parsons, Sumi Perera, Venessa Pugh, Irene Vee Riley, Jason Robinson, Sarah Rogers, Handan Sakikoglu, Marilyn Simler, Ian Scaife, Ron Sims, Graham Smith, Tim Southall, Carolyn Stafford ,Fianne Stanford, Nicola Styan, Jasia Szerszynska, Emma C Tabor, Susie Turner, Kate Willows and Janet Wilson.


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