Scene Unseen

From 28 June 2013
To 21 July 2013

FREE EVENT * Meet the artist *

On Saturday 6th July from 1:30 -4pm, at the Margate Gallery


Scene Unseen includes a new body of works inspired by the Kent Coast and created using the technique of Photomontage.

Claire records her trips to the coast photographically and on returning to the studio pieces the elements or photographs of the journey together like a multi-layered jigsaw to create a new scene. These new landscapes, which are explored and resolved through the design process are slightly surreal in nature and reflect her personal response to, and memories of the place itself.

Strongly influenced by her background in textile design, she sees colour and texture as the glue which holds the images together and conveys the overall sense of the places she explores.

Artist: Claire Gill

Press release: Press Release for Scene – Unseen at the Margate Gallery 








Publicity: Visit Thanet, Arts Council News website, Press Display website, Local UK News website, Academy FM Thanet, Margate website, This Is Kent website.

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Opening night photographs:

coming soon.

Artworks in exhibition:

*Brand new series 2013: 

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Artworks in exhibition:

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