Sea More

From 1 April 2017
To 4 June 2017

You are invited to Meet The Artists on Saturday 15 April from 2pm to 4pm

New works by artists inspired by the sea… including landscape painter Anthony Giles, who works ‘en plein air’, absorbing every colour, shadow and reflection of the world around him, to capture the essence of one moment in nature; painter-printmaker Ruth McDonald’s response to the sea by failing light and moonlight; Nick Kelly captures the Kent coast whilst bringing hidden gems to the fore; Claire Gill’s photographic montages that combine and juxtapose colour, surface and structure in an entirely new, poetic scene; and Zoe Murphy. Zoe belongs to Margate and you’ll find Margate – and Mexico – in her colourful hand-printed upcycled furniture and textiles.  Harriet Ferris works with found natural pieces to create small and collectable sculptures.

About the artists

Many of Anthony Giles’ paintings are started ‘plein air’ and as a landscape painter he spends much of his time looking at every colour, shadow and reflection of the world around him then transferring that moment onto canvas.  Working in this way the canvas holds onto the magic of the moment and that is exactly what Anthony wants from his work.  The essence of the moment in nature when he’s totally absorbed in capturing the image that surrounds him.

Painter-printmaker Ruth McDonald has produced a new body of  work inspired by the turbulent sea, crashing waves and howling wind experienced during a residency at the westernmost dwelling of the English mainland in January.  With the Atlantic ocean on both sides of the building and without the distractions of modern life Ruth was able to pay full attention to the seascape and be subsumed into the visual stimulus.

Expanding his medium from watercolour to acrylic has allowed Nick Kelly more adventure in his painitings, mixing colour as the work is created, freeing him from the restrictions of committing to a watercolour brush stroke and enabling him to create larger canvases where the feeling of space can be emphasised.

As a skilled photographer, Claire Gill brings new photomontage work to this exhibition.  Explore the sense of places and spaces that surround us, combined and juxtaposed in an entirely new scene.  Colour, surface and structure combine to create poetic images, where all is not as it seems.

Zoe Murphy brings her own individual take on creating pieces for the home to aspire to.  Zoe belongs to Margate and finds colour and pattern influences in her surroundings in the town, alongside drawing on inspirational trips to Mexico and Los Angeles – the colours are always vital and patterns particular to Zoe’s hand-printed upcycled furniture and textiles.

With her jewellery background, Harriet Ferris uses the skills she has learnt to create small and collectible sculptures using found stones and pebbles as a starting point.  The works are her own extension of the natural rocks, cast in Jesmonite; silver bronze, white marble or lacquered in white or orange, the pieces are mounted onto a block of oak to create an intriguing form.

Ruth McDonald

Anthony Giles

Claire Gill

Zoe Murphy

Harriet Ferris


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