Texture, Pattern & Colour

From 15th September 2018
To 25th November 2018

Texture, Pattern & Colour  

15th September – 25th November.

Lombard Street Gallery have the pleasure of exhibiting a colourful collection of textural & decorative works from national and internationally acclaimed artists; Ian Allan Elizabeth Cake, Claire Gill, Mark Habisrittinger, Esther Miles & Margo Selby.

There is no underestimating the impact that texture, pattern & colour has on our lives. These three elements shape our environments, whether it’s the pattern that we wake up to on our wallpaper, the colour the sky presents us with when we open the curtains, or the texture on the walls that we move past on our way to work.

There are artists, who are so visually attuned to texture, pattern & colour that all the shapes & forms these mediums take, inspire them. These creatives, enjoy the colour clashes that most people find challenging. They are inspired by the surfaces and textural combinations that attract and repel us in equal measure and they produce work that enables us to view the world through their eyes, if only for the moments we spend in front of the gallery wall displaying it.

Texture, Pattern & Colour Exhibition at Lombard Street Gallery is a celebration of the work of these artists. We have the very great pleasure of hosting artwork from six highly skilled creators. It is a bright, engaging display presenting all that these specialists celebrate and we look forward to welcoming you to enjoy the show.

Esther Miles

Tend To Your Own Knitting xi

Elizabeth Cake

Don't Touch My Hair

Mark Habisrittinger

Morna Two

Margo Selby


Claire Gill

Seascape 70 - Elemental

Ian Allan

De Bou


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