Summer Exhibition 2018: The Art of Animals

From 12 May 2018
To 09 September 2018

Featuring the combined work of Lombard Street Gallery’s established and new Artists.

 Our Summer Exhibition ‘The Art of Animals’ is an opportunity for visitors to Margate to see our artists at their most creative. Our show compliments the Turner Contemporary who are running a major exhibition entitled ‘Animals & Us’ 25th May – 30th September 2018, which has challenged our creative community to reflect on the relationship between humans and animals.

Most of our Artists live in Kent but they have drawn on their wider experience which is reflected in their diverse mediums and styles.  Some of our most collected artists will be showing:

  • Max Angus’ superb lino-cut boar confers the deeply solid nature of that particular beast showing that, from a physical perspective, the mark made on paper can represent both solidity or weightlessness and every variable in between.
  • Graham Ward’s Spanish influenced Stag in tempera & gold leaf shows both strength and sensitivity which highlights the majestic quality of this almost other-worldly animal.
  • Emma Thomson (new to Lombard Street Gallery) whose pen and ink dog illustrations portray not just the anatomical line of her subjects but the emotion and personality beneath the surface
  • Anthony Giles’ chestnut mare, painted in oils, reveal an intimacy shown clearly in the animal’s eyes and a very rich sense of the horse’s beautiful colour
  • Greg Bottle’s concise & clear camera use brings the response of being with a stag in Scotland into a very sharp reality. His natural affinity with animals enables the reproduction of a very real experience.
  • Hugh Ribban’s intricate & decorative woodcuts wind wonderful waters around the birds that live in and around the
  • Pam Grimmond executes keenly observed birds in lino cuts which demonstrate a clear delight in flight & movement and often sweeps the viewer up and over familiar landscape.

.Whatever the style, content, medium or inspiration, The Art of Animals Summer Exhibition at Lombard Street Gallery will engage animal and art lovers alike of all ages.


A note on process:

Animals have existed alongside man from the beginning of time. Their relationship with us is as complex and individual as the millions of shapes, sizes and breeds that we interact with.

As a result, the Artists vision of any animal, has many layers. It is with this rich complexity at its center that the exhibition has been carefully curated;

From a physical perspective the mark made on paper can represent both strength, solidity or light weightlessness and every variable in between.

Many of us are very keen to import personality onto animals we have a relationship with, whether it’s the aloof cat with regal aspirations or the shy bird, building courage to feed from the hand. How the artist ‘feels’ about the animal and what they suppose the animal ‘feels’ about him, has a dramatic affect on the colours and line chosen to represent their essence.

There are, of course, always practical constraints imposed on the artist creating an artwork of an animal. These are often physical (it is much easier to make a 24hr study of a mouse in the studio than a moose!) or natural – an artists personal style & medium preference may lend itself to a particular type or breed & habitat.

Greg Bottle

Leopard (Smarden)

Hugh Ribbans

Conyer Oyster Catcher

Pam Grimmond


Max Angus

Salthouse Wigeon

Emma Thomson



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