Exhibition Part 1


From 10 October 2019
To 30 October 2019

Amanda Thompson ‘PARALLAX’ 

11 October – 16 October

private view Saturday 12 October 2-5pm.

Amanda Thompson and Simon Prettyjohn.

“The apparent displacement of an observed object due to a change in the position of the observer”

Paintings and photographs which separately observe shared experience of landscapes and environments.


Opening times

Weekdays. 11 am – 4pm

Weekend 10am – 5pm.


Wynford Vaughan

 17 October – 23 October

private view Thursday 17 October

The Exhibition comprises work spanning a number of years. It reflects current issues such as the Amazon Forest, Brexit and Refugees. Margate itself appears as well as other coastal regions in the seascapes. Most of the portraiture on display is of friends or family.

“I work with a variety of media, including Oil, Water Colour, Pastel and Mixed Media. This body of work is eclectic by nature, with a strong use of Line and Colour. It contains elements of Cubism, Expressionism and Surrealism, and can be viewed as allegorical or symbolic, depending on the observer” (Wynford Vaughan, 2019).


Opening times

Daily 11am – 5pm

contact: wynfordvthomas@gmail.com


Liz Wellstead ‘On Point’

 25 October – 30 October

Collaborative show exploring concepts around social narrative within people’s relationships and nostalgia to the Kent coast through print and drawing.
Artists exhibiting:

Liz Wellstead – designer, who uses old maps from London and the Kent coast to explore the concept of migration and community through screen printing.

Lucy Stockwell – artist /print maker, explores social narratives and provokes nostalgia through snap shots in time.

Jack Clare – artist who values drawing as a fundamental skill.

Rob Black – Graphic designer who explores social narrative through typography.


Opening times

contact: info@jagocreatives.com

Wynford Vaughan

Spear Monkeys

Liz Wellstead

On Point

Amanda Thompson

Campsite by the Lake

Simon Prettyjohn


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